We bond with people we know, sometimes with people we don’t know. We bond with our families,  friends, teachers, some strangers but have you ever thought about bonding with someone you met online? Dangerous. I know that was probably the first word you thought when I mentioned about bonding over Internet. Internet can be a dangerous place, cyber bullying using of photos and what not. Sometimes when we bond with someone new, we start thinking that where was this person all this time? and it starts feeling like we have known them for lives even if its only been a couple of weeks since you’re talking with each other. It happens alot. I haven’t bonded with someone online much before but when I opened this blog I opened a whole new world of friendship. I became friends with people I never knew before , people who have same interests as me and people who are true and genuine about  my blogs. Though it’s not been long since I opened this blog but I have to say thank god I did. This place changed my view on many things and one of them is about friendship. I have struggled alot to keep friends and I’ll blog about it later it’s kinda a long story. But I want to thank everyone of you for becoming my friend here on this blog. I love you and your comments. I have felt a bond with you that I have never felt before with anyone. Yes with you.

Thank you once again.

Love to the reader

Clare xx

Even if you’re not a regular reader of my blog I’ll still thank you because maybe you were there for some one else. 

With loads and loads of hugs winks and kisses. 


10 years from now.

10 years from now.. woh!! I can’t wait.  I’ll be 23. Graduated and donno where I’ll be. Maybe I’ll be an assistant director maybe a writer maybe Shawn’s girlfriend.  Anything can happen. Just an hour ago we were ( my cousins and I) discussing this. It was just me who keeps talking and talking and then I stop because I think no one cares. I want someone to have intrest in these late night thoughts as much as I do but boomer!! Life doesn’t actually give you what you want always.  No it doesn’t maybe I’m small to say it but I know that.  Okay, so 10 years from now where will you be? Do you think you’ll be living your dream? I’m kinda sure I’ll be but you don’t know what happens. My parents will be big and more older. My brother whose 3 right now will be 13 and he’ll be passing through this teen dilemma but I’ll be there for him even if I shift somewhere else I can always video call him ( after checking timezones of course) and maybe he’ll have a blog of his own. I really can’t say he’ll be a writer he can be photographer or lawyer or chef and things. I hope whatever he becomes he becomes for his own will and not because of someone else’s pressure.  They don’t have to work  or live his life but he has too. So it should be his choice. In 10 years which is quite far I think everyone will grow ( think? Seriously? ) and I won’t come here at my grandma’s place anymore. I won’t play darkroom. I won’t eat these mid night snacks, I won’t share so many awkward things with my cousins ( they’ll be married till that time as far as I think ) and I’ll be not like this. I’ll be free from studies but I’ll miss these nights my talks my friends my school and maybe some of the teachers.  Most importantly when I’ll be 23 I’ll miss the 13 year old clare. Which at that time I’ll think was fun. Everyone do that. My dad told me he misses those times when he was young and free and those mistakes he wish he could have corrected now ( he ignored an open offer to play volleyball and long jump) what I learned from this is we shouldn’t enjoy so much that we forget about our future and I will not do that. I have everything figured out.  EVERYTHING. 

I don’t know what will happen 10 years later but it’s more important to focus on whats happening now. ( Hahah I’m saying this lmao) 

Anyway, do you too make future plans  and are very sure that you’ll stick to  them. Share them or as you wish. And one more thing before I say bye, where will you be in 10 years?  What will be your age? Are you going to have the same friends and love person? ( boyfriend/girlfriend) and Will all this mess and tension you have right now will matter in 10 years? 

I promise I’m gonna blog more I’m just being lazy. 

Love to the reader

Clare xx


Salut! Comme ça va?

In my previous blog, I told I want to try something new for the opening line of a blog and because I wasn’t able to find anything I simply switched to french. It’s a little different though.  Hahah. If you’re thinking I’m French oh no no I’m not (I wish I was so that I can get more marks in french)  Anyway,

Do you like ballet? Or have you not thought about it even once? Were you attracted here from the picture and the name? Or are you a fan of my blogs and me ( hahahahha just kidding ).

For me ballet is a getaway just like writing is and well, i started both with a diffrence of an year in between.  Any guesses what I started first? Ballet, no. Writing, yes.  I started writing when I was 8 and I started ballet when I was 9. An year’s diffrence might not be much for others but for me it was a difference of a millennium.  I changed alot between this year. So it was kinda tough to do ballet with on going very bad puberty time but I somehow overcame it. And thank god I did. Have you guys ever overcame something and you were glad and happy that you did? Share with me. Remember you don’t know me I don’t know you so maybe I can be your secret bag just in case you have no one by your side. Okay, so here’s what I want to share with you!! Last year I was a side dancer in this big ballet dance and just a week before  a ballet dancer’s worst nightmare came true. I broke my foot * not so serious but serious enough for not to do ballet * and you know how important it is in ballet. Though I felt somehow bad but it’s fine because it was just a training for me but this year there’s going to be a proper ballet dance whose auditions are coming up next week. I hope I don’t break my foot or anything this time. I really want to do this dance. I don’t want a career in it unlike most of the people but I do it for my own peace and will. I wish to be the cindrella of my prince in this dance.

Can I get any advice from you all about ballet techniques and stuff?

Thank you in advance! ! 


♥ ♥

 to the reader 

Read below!!!

Clare xxx

P. S. I have another dance coming up for the social but ballet is not allowed.  So any thoughts about what I should do? I am thinking of doing contemporary and old school maybe bruno mars type hip hop. What to do?????



Hey everyone!  How ya all? I ask this alot yes I do and I guess I have to find something else I can ask. Thanks for stopping by! xx. The heading says boys that is what I want to write about today. I don’t know why but I have been thinking about posting this blog ever since I woke up today. So here it goes..

I am a teen and a girl and unlike most of them I am not so much interested in the opposite gender. I do have crushes everyone has them but it’s not like I want to get in a relationship or something because I don’t consider it a right thing to do right now I’m only in grade 8. And getting attracted towards others is not a new thing for me. I started going through changes when I was 9 so basically I’m used to all these problems a little but still. We were doing this flames thing in school today it’s fun though but kinda irritating. My best friend has a boyfriend I mean best friend who doesn’t live here he shifted to Canada last year and my friend has put a hold on relationship.  So you can say they are in a partial relationship.  That’s good. I sometimes wonder am I even going to find someone? maybe.  I have got ample of time to get into relationship but I can’t repeat grades. at this particular stage I think writing and studying is more important for me. I can also get in relationships once I’m all famous and successful. I’ll wait but not like forever.  I change my mood about this like daily so maybe tomorrow I desperately want to get in a relationship. 

I’m confused, stuck, bored and I don’t know what I want to do right now * definitely not study*

Any help? Am I thinking the right thing?

Looking for your comment. ..

Love to the reader.

Clare xxx

All time low

Hey everyone! How’s everything? Good I guess. Thank you for stopping by. * hugs and kisses*

Right now on my phone All time low is playing and the reason I choose it as heading is that I am actually feeling low. I just had a feeling in the bathroom that maybe I won’t become what I want to. Then at the next moment I was thinking of a scenario where I am being interviewed for my book. Anxiety kills. Be careful. Sometimes I feel that I am just like any other normal thirteen year old girl but no I’m not. I’m different and I know this but how am I going to prove this? I give advice to my fellow classmates about not proving themselves because they know they’re good and on every issue they have. I have so many problems of my own that I don’t know with whom I should share them. I am afraid that if I open up with some they’ll use my weakness for their benefit.  I always come as a tough girl who doesn’t cry or care but it’s actually the opposite.  I care so much about everything.  You must have heard the saying that people who give the greatest advice has the most problems 

Well that’s the story of my life.i  am so familiar with others problems that I give people the advice I wish someone else would have given me. What should I do? I am stuck in this over grown body for the rest of my life. I’m crying again and nobody knows this they’ll never know this. I wish my emotions were written on my face and my problems too so that then at least people would understand me or maybe try to understand me.

Please please please if you have any advice give it to me. I’m just stuck in this body and family.  At least you can give some beneficial advice. 

Love to the reader. 

Clare xx


I saw you standing in the street the other day, I ran over to you screaming your name joyfully, 

You turned around in hesitation 

It wasnt you

Those happy eyes looked sad

Those dimples were lost

That smile seemed faded

That face , that voice, you 

Everything looked lost and dead

I banged my hand on my forehead

I instantly came back to reality

It wasnt you


‘  You are dead’ i found myself screaming

My mind started being practical again and regained its power

But my heart doesnt know how to be practical

I cried i sobbed and i kept waiting for you.







Clare x

Did you people felt like this when you were reading this? 

Here is my mail –

If you have any advice for me , please commemt it or email.

Thank you xx

Love to the reader

Struggles of a writer.

And some advice!


Hey everyone! how are you? So as I said in my previous blog I’m going to publish about a writer’s real struggles and how to face them. I won’t say I’m a professional cause I’m not. It might feel how can a non professional writer give advice but trust me as far as I know I’m going to give genuine advice after all I’m also a writer why would I give wrong advice to you!!

Anyway, let’s get back to business. Sometimes writing can be tough.  You might feel like giving it up but no for heaven’s sake don’t give up you aren’t made to give up. So here are the struggles that a writer faces and some advice too.


That feeling when nothing feels right and you want to bang your head against a wall.

Advice – ah! The most common problem.  So for this I’ll say take a break. Usually I write to take a break but sometimes it feels like everything is going wrong when you are tired. So take a break, go for a walk, read a book, talk to a friend or simply just read my blog ( a little publicity doesn’t hurt anyone ) just don’t take pressure. 


All that stress and pressure when deadline is near. 

Advice- certainly the most common problem with everything let it be school work ( I just remembered I have to do maths! Nooooo! ) or your writing work that is soon going to be successful.  What you have to do in this time is relax no you don’t have to be lazy it’s just if you’ll take burden the thing you’re writing will show that burden.  Nothing happens easily when you’re a writer but that doesn’t mean you’ll take alot of pressure because that can certainly land you in a doctor’s cabin than a publisher’s one. Make  a schedule.


‘Everything in my story is wrong I’m never going to be a writer I hate myself’ the most common dialogue that poops in your head or just makes you cry.

Advice- this happens to me a lot alot. But after some hours of break up with laptop, it cries my laptop cries and me too. It might sound odd but when I am in this condition and I look at my laptop I feel guilty of leaving it in that condition so I get myself together edit the part I hate or just make it fine and get going.  Never ever think you can’t be a writer or whatever you actually want to be if you’re doing work hard work it’ll take time but eventually you’ll get your sweet fruit or let’s say you’ll get your pizza from heaven  and without pineapple ( every one loves pizza ) get yourself ready wash your face refresh yourself a little and finish that beautiful story of yours. 


‘I am better than she/he is. She/he is so not going to be a writer’ After A day or maybe Two. ‘She’ll become a writer and I’ll not I hate myself she’ll have an excuse to tease me now. I wish she’ll never get accepted. ‘

The anger and jealously problem

Advice- no no you can’t say you don’t say this every one does at least once in thier writing career feels like this.  You know what happens when you are writing to prove someone your superiorness  you get down or more inferior as I say ( I don’t mean to hurt you but it’s the truth) my father says this basically.  You have to write for yourself and as long as you are doing this for yourself you’re doing it right let it be in anything.  Don’t try to prove, you don’t have to prove when you’ll be successful they’ll know automatically but thst doesn’t mena you’ll show off ( showing things off is a big problem nowdays I’ll blog about it later) When you write for yourself and not for that hmm whatever you say that person you initially get the best story out of yourself and it has that power to be a best seller and it will be. It’s my personal experience.  

  • Hope it has helped you it’s not the best advice article but please be honest but honest about it in comments.  I won’t say much and it was a long blog but I’ll say even when you write you have to be yourself.  Not Shakespeare not maureen Johnson no noone be yourself.  There are many copies  but it would be hard to find one like you cause you aren’t a copy you’re an original baby♥
  • Love to the reader. 
  • Clare Standish xx
  • P. S. Which blog should I do next??

Writer’s life.

So who are you, eh? Writer. Probably the most tough job in the world. Write think write cut write write think think (all that we do) it is not as easy as it sounds. So very not easy. As I writer, either I am thinking all day or I am writing all day there is nothing in between, nothing. My class mates understand me so well that they don’t even disturb me when I am writing cause they know if they do it’ll lead to an EXPLOSION!!!

‘You gotta read a lot to become a writer’ they say. But if you’d ask me about it I would have said that no matter how much you read if the thing is not coming from your heart then you’re wasting your time plus not every reader is a writer and not every writer is a reader. You must be thinking I am also not a reader ,nah you’re wrong. I love to read so much. I am the book advisor and guru of my grade! But its fine if you don’t read but its not fine if you don’t write, you writer. I know you have the talent you know that too but the world doesn’t know, show them that. Rule over the world spread the love and be yourself. 

From one overthinker-sometimesdepressed-coffeeaddict person to another. 

Love to the reader xx

Clare Standish

P. S. My next blog will be entirely on a writer’s struggle and some advice on it. Follow for more. CS xox

Family,books,school,friends and me.

Hey everyone! This is my second blog post today but my first proper one. The title itself tells what I am going to talk about. As I just entered teens some weeks back, at first I thought maybe I won’t have much dilemma of teen dramas because I started my puberty earlier but I was very wrong. All those mood swings I thought won’t come are here dancing over my head playing with me and laughing as I break friendships with my closest yet loveliest friends. As far as I remember I have been reading books because sometimes you have to forget what is happening in the real world as you dive in the fictional one. As if I talk about school I have good things and bad things too. I became the class president – good. Full syllabus will be coming in exams from now on- super bad. Family is all kind of messed up I don’t know why at one moment I love them like never before and the very next second I hate them as in they are my kidnappers. I don’t know with whom I should share all this so I’m doing it with you all! I hope at least you understand. Just a quick fact about me – I have not started the blog just for all this but because I live to write. It is in my veins they say!

Any advice? Please comment and share with me. Love to the reader xxx

Clare Standish…


Or maybe ola? Or I don’t know. Hey everyone let’s get back to the universal language English. I am good at it as compared to any other language. Let me first introduce myself. I am Clare Standish I am thirteen years old and I am a writer. My book will come out soon. So you must be a reader that’s why you are checking my blog post. Anyway, even if nobody is reading this I know that I’ll feel bad in the beginning but then as usual I’ll get normal. Teens can be really tough sometimes and well you are the only one I think I can share my stuff with! I have confusion about literally everything. That’s a long thing I’ll blog about it later. Cause right now I have to study maths! Ugh! I hate maths kind of. See ya later.

Love to the reader xxx

Clare standish…