I am back… or am I?

It’s been weeks since I opened wordpress last. In this whole month, this is the first time I  am opening my account. So much has happened lately, my exams are here and all this month I was working the shit out of me to prepare for them. 

That doesn’t mean I was not writing.  I am always writing and in the past couple of weeks there is been so much of projects in school and I am part of all of them so I had to miss alot of my classes amd therefore at home, I was either completing my work or studying so I really didn’t have time to post them here. I know many of you must have thought that I am done with blogging and I won’t be coming back. But boom! You are wrong. 

So I am back or am I?

Right now I am listening to we didn’t start the fire by Billy Joel. I am  supposed to be studying maths rn. I am so depressed. I really thought I am going to score good marks in this maths exam but the moment I started off with the reference book I felt like oh my god am I going to fail?

No no I can’t I hope so.

Anyway, so I’ll talk to ya all later. Have to refresh my mind before I study maths and one more things, my exams aren’t finished yet. One more week. One more. Then I am freeeeeeeeee till later.

See ya!

#Clare is back xxx

P. S. Any tips on how to refresh the mind, I searched alot on Google but everything is the same. I really need them so I thought there’s no better place than this one. Have a good day lovelies♥


7 Replies to “I am back… or am I?”

  1. I’m listening to David Guetta – 2U (feat. Justin Bieber) as I type this. How to clear your mind? Hmm – maybe try chanting ‘I will pass my maths’ for ten minutes? 😀
    Welcome back to WordPress – see you in another week. 😉
    Kindness – Robert.

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    1. Do you like that song? I lowkey did. And I hope I do although I think I won’t be able to get A1 in that because I just saw a movie and now I’m surfing Internet. Have tution in 5 mins got to go. See you next week!
      Clare xx
      P. S. How are you today btw?

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      1. Sounds to me like you would appreciate close supervision during your period of study. I should have a word with your parents, right? 😀
        I’m really quite good, thanks. Just did some painting and so all the doors and windows are open. No-one’s going to sneak in the front door and steal the sofa while I’m sat in the kitchen. Not going to happen. I’ve decided. 🙂
        Good luck!

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