Little mix.

I won’t really say this is a blog post.


Just wanted to ask  that do you like little mix?

Suddenly, I love them.

Right now I’m listening to love me like you by little mix. What about you. Do tell.




33 Replies to “Little mix.”

  1. I’ve been impressed by Little Mixes songs and music for the longest time. They just keep getting better and better. The last few seconds of Power are tinglingly good and so … well, so powerful! Favourite song of the year – Touch. That bass is just sublime!

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    1. Exactly. They are gaining more and more fans everyday as their music gets better and better. I like power.
      Touch its just amazing. My favourites apart from these 2 are hair shout out to my ex love me like you and black magic. I really like them.
      Clare xxxx
      P. S. Does the queen like them?

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      1. The queen thinks that their faces look kinda strange – as if they have had too many botox injections or such like. However, she loves the way they shake their collective booties. 😉

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      1. I think you’re doing okay. Trick is to visit blogs you like and drop a comment or two. Start with 10 a day – it only takes a few minutes per comment, and you’ll see them flock to your blog. Just be careful out there. 😉

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      1. Knight and Day – yes I remember the movie now – Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. I enjoyed that movie, but no – that’s not what I was referring to. I was making a joke about my last name (Day) and the kind of people that are called Sir (Knights). 🙂

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