The box of love♥

My hands started to sweat as I helped myself up on the ladder and took out the box I saw my mom keep yearsgago I was confused at first what kind of box is this? And why is she expecting me to open this? 

Somehow, I gathered courage and opened the lid of the box.

I was shocked, confused all at the same time. The magic pixie dust was causing irritation to my skin. I decided to close the box but I didn’t. A photograph forced me to keep the box open and to put my allergy aside. My mom standing in a beautiful gown, a wedding gown probably. She was posing like a Victoria secret’s model. She was always photogenic but i never knew she was this photogenic. But I was startled to see a guy next to him, who was not my dad. A hot guy in a tuxedo, to be more precise.  My grandma in the background a half eaten cake on the side table a white wedding horse near my grandpa, i remeber this place. It’s my gramdma’s back yard. Everything made sense now. They were attending a wedding.  My mother’s wedding. But where’s dad. I wish this was some kind of dream but this was not. “Beth? Are you upstairs? ?” I shut close the box, slid it under the extra coffee table mom keeps in storeroom ( just in case our old coffee table breaks) and rush downstairs. 

“Yes dad?”

“Beth, you’re 15 oh I mean you’ll be turning 15 this weekend. I remember” dad says with his bad sense of humour and extra using of hands. His habit of using his hands so much, can give anyone the thought that he is Italian and he is.

“So?” I say as my voice starts to crack. What does dad want to say. He makes poor jokes only when he’s anxious. God! Please don’t tell me he got to know about my summer fling. 

“Beth, I want a word with you about your mom and me. You’re big now and I know you’ll understand. ” ‘

What does beth’s father want to tell her? What is the mystery behind her mom’s picture with another guy? was she married to someone else?

I know you are excited to know more. And I’ll come back soon to end your suspense only to increase it more. More and more with every chapter. so, stay tuned for more. 

Please leave comments and tell me your views about this story.  What do you think will happen in the next chapter?

Have a good day♥

I’ll leave you here so that you can think more about Beth baker and her family. 

Clare xxxx



4 Replies to “The box of love♥”

  1. Nice one, Clare – I look forward to reading more about Beth – perhaps there will be a book some day. 🙂
    I think that his secret is that he is a spy for the British Government and that he has to go on an assignment to somewhere super-dangerous. He is going to tell Beth the truth about her parent’s wedding day before he goes. But, the story is yours (and hers) so tell it in your way.
    Kindness – Robert.

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