The first time.

The first time I fell in love,

The first time I wrote a story,

The first time I became class president, 

The first time I won an award, 

The first time I wrote here,

The first time I dreamt of Shawn mendes, 

The first time I thought of becoming a director writer,  

The first time I wrote something like this here, 

The magic of the first time is different. We get to know from that, that are we going to continue to do that particular thing or not.

This post might be a little silly but what I felt while writing this was different. 

Thanks for reading this♥

Clare xx

P. S. There’s is a collaboration coming back! Stay tuned to know more! C x


5 Replies to “The first time.”

  1. When I was in Germany last week earlier this month I got chatting to the guy who was working the desk at the hotel and he was saying something very similar to this. He was telling me about his experience of living in Germany compared to that of growing up in his own country (Iraq) and he was saying that he feels safe now and he has good friends, but that his heart is in Iraq simply because he experienced so many first things there – the first girlfriend, first kiss, first drive in a car, first Kalashnikov – that sort of thing. Interesting guy.
    So, no – I don’t think that what you have written is silly – it is rooted in your experience, and this is (and will be) an important part of you.
    Kindness – Robert.

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  2. It is important. It feels genuine why he feels more safe in Germany. I hope you know what I mean. I know this is silly a little bit. Have you always been in England? And good at writing? 😉
    Clare xx


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