Boring. Oh so boring. 

Here I am. Sitting cross legged on my bed. Writing this blog as I hear my mom and brother talk on phone in the background. They are sitting here too which I hate. I mean you have your room, just go there. I am so bored I can’t even tell that. I don’t want to do homework or study for my periodic tests. I don’t feel like it. It is a lazy day, the sun is shining so brightly and there’s so much of heat out there. Therefore, I’m stuck at home until and unless the sun goes down and the weather is calm. The film CHARIOTS OF FIRE is going to start in a minute,  thank god! At least I have one good thing to do. 

Argh! This day is so boring.  So I am going to stop writing this and I am going to leave you all by yourself cause my Movie is started. 

Have a good hot day!

And don’t get bored. It’s fatal.

You can watch chariots of fire if you want. IT’S coming on Star movies select. 

Clare xx

P. S. I haven’t posted in a while so here you go with a boring post. Hope you’re well and good and not attacked by the summer loo. Bye.


34 Replies to “Boring. Oh so boring. ”

    1. When I was writing this I thought it might confuse people. I know loo is also used for solid waste materials that come from our body but here I’m it referring to oh I don’t know what it is called in UK maybe chinook?
      Gosh I really need to study that again.
      Hot breeze was basically what I meant to say 😉
      Clare xxxx

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      1. ‘poo’ is the word for solid wastes from the body (baby-talk). ‘loo’ is the place where these are deposited, and it usually means the room rather than the seat (although it can also mean the latter – ‘sitting in the loo’ is as right as ‘sitting on the loo’). A chinook when the word is used in the UK most often refers to a helicopter used by the RAF.
        Hot breeze you say? Hmm – that makes more sense in the context. 🙂

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