So I am starting on a new story that I have already written 3 times. I am going to write it again because well, earlier it wasn’t really nice. By earlier I mean 2 days back. I wanted to know what you people prefer. As in you prefer to read 3rd person or 1 st person. 

I’m seriously very confused. 

I want to write 1st person but maybe it is not very attractive. Please help! 

Have a good day!

Clare xx

P. S. Nearly all the books I have ever read, they all are 3rd person. 


10 Replies to “Confused! ”

  1. I can’t say that I have a preference of 1st or 3rd person, either in reading or writing. I believe that 3rd person is slightly easier to write and is the more common format. However, 1st person allows a deeper look into a characters psyche because it allows for more inner thought dialogue. I guess it depends on the story. Writing is sometimes about trial and error, try both and see what works best. I hope that helps. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for helping♥
      I don’t know why but I find 1st person to be more easier. Even my dad says to write 1st person you need a lot of experience. I guess I’m totally different. Hope for good!!
      Clare xc

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  2. Sometimes I like to write in first person because I want to identify myself with the protagonist, but at other times the character is doing things that are so uncomfortable that I feel the need to distance myself from them. It’s then that I generally switch to third person. But this is just personal preference I guess.
    There’s something called Close Third Person (or Free Indirect Style) that’s very effective if you want to get inside the character without owning the things they are thinking and saying. Maybe take a look at that as an option if you want the best of both tenses?
    Hope the story works out and you share it here? 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

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    1. Yeah. I guess I have to try it. I don’t know why but I just love first person and for me third person is very tough. Dad says it’s mostly the opposite for everyone. Who knows if that is true?
      Thanks for the advice tho. It’s helpful as always.
      Clare xx

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      1. He would have to have interviewed all the writers ever to be able to know that, right? Still, it might be true. I can use both, and I don’t think that I really have a preference. At the heart of it all, every story I write is about me, so I guess I use 3rd party to attempt to anonymise my role in them.
        How’s today going for you? Hot?
        Kindness – Robert.

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      2. Maybe. Today is super hot. I have been sitting in the AC all day long. Just planning to go out for a while. I have missed my tuition today. Opened book for like 15 minutes and has not done any work.
        What about you?

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