Things that make me smile :)

My first English assignment of summer vacation ahh!! As a writer I clearly don’t have a problem writing this but the thing is if you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know this that I do not write formal. I don’t know why but it’s just not my cup of coffee (I prefer coffee more than tea) I don’t know what this is a problem or a blessing. 

So, I need your help. Can you read the following and tell me is it good enough to submit in school and more importantly is it formal enough. Please read and tell. I trust ya. Thank you ♥

Things that make me smile!!!

Well, many things make me smile if I’d say I find happiness only in small things I’d be lying. There are so many people who say this but we don’t know who actually means that. As for me, I find happiness in

  • My talks with dad about 80’s & 90’s.  That time was totally different and though I’m a new generation kid I still love that era. There is just something about it that makes me fall in love with it.
  • Discovering new things. Getting new story ideas.
  • Arguing about politics. I know it’s not a think to be happy about but in matters of politics, I am mostly right except when I’m talking about it with my parents they just know too much. 
  • When someone praises me for my writing skills. I am myself proud of this talent i  have. Especially when authors and verified actor/singers and others like my writings and even comment and share sometimes. What can I ask for more?
  • Going out doors (usually road and adventurous trips) with my family. What can be more beautiful other than sitting near a bonfire and talking about life or just sitting on grass and watching the sunset with your family. 
  • To discuss about future and feel a lil’ proud of myself cause I’m all planned. 
  • Writing when it’s drizzling outside. Having a cup of coffee and playing the breakfast club’s love theme in the background. 
  • Completing a challenge
  • Day dreaming about future and secretly hoping ’13 going on 30 ‘ would actually happen in real life.
  • Watching John Hughes’s movies and mimicking every dialogue. Especially of the breakfast club, sixteen candles.
  • Discussing about cult movies and classic music. ( nothing is better that this )

It would take me forever to name all the things that make me happy and smile widely. There’s a word limit and well I have already crossed it. I don’t know what I should cut out. So I guess this is it.

P . S. Thinking about life when I’m all alone also makes me smile but they drag me in deep thoughts that no one understands. 

Clare standish

So here’s what I have written for the project. I hope it isn’t very odd. Tell me what you think. 

Thank you thank you so much♥♥

Clare xxxx


5 Replies to “Things that make me smile :)”

  1. It’s in the correct style, yes. 🙂
    The only part that needs adjust is this: “To discuss about future and feel a lil’ proud of myself cause I’m all planned.” It would be better as “Discussing the future and feeling a little proud of myself because I have it all mapped out.”
    The word ‘little’ is more formal. Your use of the word ‘planned’ suggested that your parent planned to conceive you rather than you were an accident. I’m sure that’s not the impression you wanted to give. 🙂 I mean – I’m sure you were planned, but I’m sure you didn’t want to say that in your essay.
    Kindness – Robert.

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      1. You’re very welcome, Clare. 🙂 I don’t think you need any classes for the formality of your writing.
        There is something else. I’m not sure whether to say it (but I will – only to give you help (if you think you need it)). You’re possibly not aware of it, but your writing does have an ‘accent’ – how do you feel about that?

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      2. It’s not a ‘good or bad’ thing – it just is. It’s like when you speak English, you speak in a certain way – probably similar to those around you. It’s usually possible to tell where a person grew up from their accent. In the same way – writing has certain ‘verbal tics’ that tell a reader something about the writer’s background. It’s inevitable that a writer starts with them. But it’s up to you whether you choose to show them.


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