I am back… or am I?

It’s been weeks since I opened wordpress last. In this whole month, this is the first time I  am opening my account. So much has happened lately, my exams are here and all this month I was working the shit out of me to prepare for them. 

That doesn’t mean I was not writing.  I am always writing and in the past couple of weeks there is been so much of projects in school and I am part of all of them so I had to miss alot of my classes amd therefore at home, I was either completing my work or studying so I really didn’t have time to post them here. I know many of you must have thought that I am done with blogging and I won’t be coming back. But boom! You are wrong. 

So I am back or am I?

Right now I am listening to we didn’t start the fire by Billy Joel. I am  supposed to be studying maths rn. I am so depressed. I really thought I am going to score good marks in this maths exam but the moment I started off with the reference book I felt like oh my god am I going to fail?

No no I can’t I hope so.

Anyway, so I’ll talk to ya all later. Have to refresh my mind before I study maths and one more things, my exams aren’t finished yet. One more week. One more. Then I am freeeeeeeeee till later.

See ya!

#Clare is back xxx

P. S. Any tips on how to refresh the mind, I searched alot on Google but everything is the same. I really need them so I thought there’s no better place than this one. Have a good day lovelies♥


Taylor Swift

There’s just something in Taylor Swift that makes me fall in love with her every time I see her listen her. She’s magical. Her songs are very well sang and written ( half credit to Ed sheeran for writing great songs) 

Her song’s lyrics are very catchy and relatable. Like the song ‘Enchanted’ its ending stanza ‘please don’t be in love with someone else please don’t have somebody waiting on you’ this lyric is highly relatable to people who are of my age ( teens) 

Her song new romantics is amazing. I can listen to that song on loop forever. And here comes You belong with me. No one can forget this song especially nerds. You belong with me is for every girl out there who loves a guy but that guy loves some other fancy girl that treats him badly. You know you can treat him better, make your move then. 

Blank space, crazier, wildest dreams and many more. Taylor Swift has always been successful in leaving her mark on our heart every time she comes back with a new song. Not to mention she has won crazy number of awards and has made and broken many records yet her music remains Awesome or should I say it keeps getting better.

She’s amazing and I love her although I’m not a swiftie I’m more of a mendes army type girl but so what I still love her ( so does my father but nah he isn’t a mendes army or a swiftie guy he loves this generation music too but both me and him loves oldies more )

So I’m gonna leave a link to her youtube channel https://m.youtube.com/#/user/TaylorSwiftVEVO

Have a good day listening to her♥

Clare xxx

Little mix.

I won’t really say this is a blog post.

Just wanted to ask  that do you like little mix?

Suddenly, I love them.

Right now I’m listening to love me like you by little mix. What about you. Do tell.



Only 18+

This blog post contains information that is only for people above the age of 18.
Well, well, what did you thought when you first read this? What was the first thing that came to mind?  bummer! There’s nothing in this post. I am myself 13. Lmao. You know what if we read something like this,  it make us more eager to check what it is in that post.  Many of my fellow friends check these adult pages on purpose so that they can show off. Seriously dude your standards are this low??. They are just tooo much too digest for me. I don’t know why? I know things, everyone in 8th grade knows alot of things ( except some people who are like totally dumb) so do I. But these people are just blahhhhhh. I am out of words.

Don’t know what to do with these kind of people. I know a lot as I said before but still. Anyway, did you guys also came across people like these when you were a teen?

This post was actually clean and didn’t had any sort of 18+ things. So if you’re smaller, haha ddon’t worry so am I.

This was just a fun post.  Sorry if I wasted your precious time 😉

Have a good day♥

Clare xx

The box of love♥

My hands started to sweat as I helped myself up on the ladder and took out the box I saw my mom keep yearsgago I was confused at first what kind of box is this? And why is she expecting me to open this? 

Somehow, I gathered courage and opened the lid of the box.

I was shocked, confused all at the same time. The magic pixie dust was causing irritation to my skin. I decided to close the box but I didn’t. A photograph forced me to keep the box open and to put my allergy aside. My mom standing in a beautiful gown, a wedding gown probably. She was posing like a Victoria secret’s model. She was always photogenic but i never knew she was this photogenic. But I was startled to see a guy next to him, who was not my dad. A hot guy in a tuxedo, to be more precise.  My grandma in the background a half eaten cake on the side table a white wedding horse near my grandpa, i remeber this place. It’s my gramdma’s back yard. Everything made sense now. They were attending a wedding.  My mother’s wedding. But where’s dad. I wish this was some kind of dream but this was not. “Beth? Are you upstairs? ?” I shut close the box, slid it under the extra coffee table mom keeps in storeroom ( just in case our old coffee table breaks) and rush downstairs. 

“Yes dad?”

“Beth, you’re 15 oh I mean you’ll be turning 15 this weekend. I remember” dad says with his bad sense of humour and extra using of hands. His habit of using his hands so much, can give anyone the thought that he is Italian and he is.

“So?” I say as my voice starts to crack. What does dad want to say. He makes poor jokes only when he’s anxious. God! Please don’t tell me he got to know about my summer fling. 

“Beth, I want a word with you about your mom and me. You’re big now and I know you’ll understand. ” ‘

What does beth’s father want to tell her? What is the mystery behind her mom’s picture with another guy? was she married to someone else?

I know you are excited to know more. And I’ll come back soon to end your suspense only to increase it more. More and more with every chapter. so, stay tuned for more. 

Please leave comments and tell me your views about this story.  What do you think will happen in the next chapter?

Have a good day♥

I’ll leave you here so that you can think more about Beth baker and her family. 

Clare xxxx


The first time.

The first time I fell in love,

The first time I wrote a story,

The first time I became class president, 

The first time I won an award, 

The first time I wrote here,

The first time I dreamt of Shawn mendes, 

The first time I thought of becoming a director writer,  

The first time I wrote something like this here, 

The magic of the first time is different. We get to know from that, that are we going to continue to do that particular thing or not.

This post might be a little silly but what I felt while writing this was different. 

Thanks for reading this♥

Clare xx

P. S. There’s is a collaboration coming back! Stay tuned to know more! C x

Boring. Oh so boring. 

Here I am. Sitting cross legged on my bed. Writing this blog as I hear my mom and brother talk on phone in the background. They are sitting here too which I hate. I mean you have your room, just go there. I am so bored I can’t even tell that. I don’t want to do homework or study for my periodic tests. I don’t feel like it. It is a lazy day, the sun is shining so brightly and there’s so much of heat out there. Therefore, I’m stuck at home until and unless the sun goes down and the weather is calm. The film CHARIOTS OF FIRE is going to start in a minute,  thank god! At least I have one good thing to do. 

Argh! This day is so boring.  So I am going to stop writing this and I am going to leave you all by yourself cause my Movie is started. 

Have a good hot day!

And don’t get bored. It’s fatal.

You can watch chariots of fire if you want. IT’S coming on Star movies select. 

Clare xx

P. S. I haven’t posted in a while so here you go with a boring post. Hope you’re well and good and not attacked by the summer loo. Bye.


So I am starting on a new story that I have already written 3 times. I am going to write it again because well, earlier it wasn’t really nice. By earlier I mean 2 days back. I wanted to know what you people prefer. As in you prefer to read 3rd person or 1 st person. 

I’m seriously very confused. 

I want to write 1st person but maybe it is not very attractive. Please help! 

Have a good day!

Clare xx

P. S. Nearly all the books I have ever read, they all are 3rd person. 

Things that make me smile :)

My first English assignment of summer vacation ahh!! As a writer I clearly don’t have a problem writing this but the thing is if you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know this that I do not write formal. I don’t know why but it’s just not my cup of coffee (I prefer coffee more than tea) I don’t know what this is a problem or a blessing. 

So, I need your help. Can you read the following and tell me is it good enough to submit in school and more importantly is it formal enough. Please read and tell. I trust ya. Thank you ♥

Things that make me smile!!!

Well, many things make me smile if I’d say I find happiness only in small things I’d be lying. There are so many people who say this but we don’t know who actually means that. As for me, I find happiness in

  • My talks with dad about 80’s & 90’s.  That time was totally different and though I’m a new generation kid I still love that era. There is just something about it that makes me fall in love with it.
  • Discovering new things. Getting new story ideas.
  • Arguing about politics. I know it’s not a think to be happy about but in matters of politics, I am mostly right except when I’m talking about it with my parents they just know too much. 
  • When someone praises me for my writing skills. I am myself proud of this talent i  have. Especially when authors and verified actor/singers and others like my writings and even comment and share sometimes. What can I ask for more?
  • Going out doors (usually road and adventurous trips) with my family. What can be more beautiful other than sitting near a bonfire and talking about life or just sitting on grass and watching the sunset with your family. 
  • To discuss about future and feel a lil’ proud of myself cause I’m all planned. 
  • Writing when it’s drizzling outside. Having a cup of coffee and playing the breakfast club’s love theme in the background. 
  • Completing a challenge
  • Day dreaming about future and secretly hoping ’13 going on 30 ‘ would actually happen in real life.
  • Watching John Hughes’s movies and mimicking every dialogue. Especially of the breakfast club, sixteen candles.
  • Discussing about cult movies and classic music. ( nothing is better that this )

It would take me forever to name all the things that make me happy and smile widely. There’s a word limit and well I have already crossed it. I don’t know what I should cut out. So I guess this is it.

P . S. Thinking about life when I’m all alone also makes me smile but they drag me in deep thoughts that no one understands. 

Clare standish

So here’s what I have written for the project. I hope it isn’t very odd. Tell me what you think. 

Thank you thank you so much♥♥

Clare xxxx

Future plans.

Everyone has future plans. Some are able to succeed while the others don’t. Today, we were in cafe coffee day and were discussing our future plans. I can’t say who will be able to do what they want to and who will not. Well, that’s a question only time will tell. I want to study so well that I get admission in a good college ( I want to study in harvard and that requires alot of hard work) I don’t want anyone to tell me I’m nothing. My dad says that he was not able to do what he wanted to but I should do what I want. I am going to do that dad. He was super intelligent and amazing in sports but what he regrets are his decisions. I don’t want to regret anything if I know I can do that I will but it is not as easy as it sounds. My cousin brother is now in junior high so there’s been alot of discussion of future taking place in my mom’s family lately and every time this topic pops up I find myself questioning “will I be able to become what I want to”  but the answer is always”oh yes” because ever since I dreamt of that ,I have been saying that if I don’t become what I want to I’ll never become anything. Anything. Its simple for me but everyone says when they were my age it was simple for them too and thinking that gives me shivers and chills. I don’t want to become anything but one that I have been dreaming of. Let’s keep the suspense aside I want to become a director ( of movies of course) and a writer.  When I was 7 I dreamt of becoming a director and when I was 8 I became a writer. Now I’m 13 and my goals are still the same. I’m not the type of person who keeps changing their ambition. I have a back up plan too and a really good one. I have everything decided and I no longer care about what others think of my plans. My family is okay with that so others opinion actually don’t matter.

Hope it comes true.

Have you ever dreamt something and are the person you dreamt of?

Share your experience!

Love to the reader ♥

Clare xxx